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Do you have any experience in roof climbing, detecting roof problems, and repairing them? To preserve your roof in serviceable condition for as long as possible, you need to inspect it and, if necessary, perform minor repairs. If you have any concerns about doing it yourself, don’t risk it – it i...

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JB Roofing in Barrington is in the business of getting you the most durable, high quality roof that will be the perfect complement to your Barrington home. If you are in the market for replacing or repairing your roof, reach out today at (847) 639-7756 for the expert advice ?

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In order to function properly and last as long as it has been determined by the manufacturer, your Barrington house roof requires properly functioning attic ventilation. Attic moisture and heat cause rot, mold growth, and roof decking buckling. Get your attic checked by a professional – call Char...

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Do you know the pitch of your roof and how it affects the replacement process? The pitch of your roof can affect the type of roofing materials you choose. Here is some interesting information from The Spruce about how the pitch of your roof really does make a difference.

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A sturdy roof will protect you from the elements while adding to the value of your home. If you are noticing damaged shingles on your roof, now is the time to get the professionals at JB Roofing in Barrington involved. Contact Charlie today at (847) 639-7756, for the best advice in the area of ro...

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Sagging gutters and loose downspouts may lead to a disaster and expensive repairs. While you still can, have the gutters pitched correctly (approximately ½” for every 10 feet of run), secured with adequate number of brackets (approximately every 32”), secure each downspout with 2 brackets / downs...

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Do you have a skylight window on your roof! Don’t forget to periodically examine interior finished ceiling surface around the skylight. Look for surface and damage signs. If you have an open, accessible attic and skylight chase, have that and the roof flashing around the skylight checked as well....

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a year ago
Great company, great people and great experience. We hired JB Roofing to replace our roof which was damaged by hail. Charlie Kluka was very helpful and great from start to finish. He made the whole process stress free helping me with paperwork and he also helped me dealing with insurance company. He gave me fair estimate, next day brought the contract and started the job few days later. They finished on time. I was impressed with the quality of their work. After they were done they cleaned up the property. We didn’t find even one nail around the house! I would highly recommend JB Roofing to others and use them again in the future if I will need any roofing. Thank you Charlie. - Andre Bosevi
- Andre B
a year ago
As a general contractor, JB Roofing is a reliable and affordable company that consistently serves the community with the highest quality work. My customer base cannot speak highly enough about the professional and high-quality work that this company provides. Thanks again JB Roofing for your continued commitment to quality and service. Bob de Pau President Bob's All Season Remodeling, Inc.
- Robert d
a year ago
Had my roof done recently. Very happy with the work and the service. Would highly recommend J.B Roofing.
- Karolina K

Professional Roofing Services

JB Roofing Inc. started serving residential and commercial customers in Barrington and surrounding areas in 1995. 
Decades of hard roofing work on a variety of Barrington IL roofs, helped us build great reputation and become a respected, family owned, local business.   
Our line of services that originally started from asphalt shingles installation only, has expanded significantly and now includes several additional quality services.   

Here are some of JB Roofing main services, and they short descriptions:  

Asphalt shingles installation in Barrington – asphalt shingles, in general, are composed of paper (waste paper) that has been soaked with asphalt, making it waterproof. Paper is then top coated with asphalt layer and sprinkled with ceramic granules as a final protection layer. 

The asphalt shingles are very economical and multipurpose, work very well on steep and sloped roofs (they should only be used on roof slopes of two units vertical in 12 units horizontal – 17% slope or greater).   

Wood Shingles Installation in Barrington – there are two types of wood shingles we install on regular basis: cedar wood shingles and wood shakes. The difference between them is in their manufacturing process and appearance.
  • Cedar wood shingles are sawn on both sides, have smooth surfaces, and lay flat one on top of the other
  • Cedar wood shakes are split / not sawn, have rough surfaces (or face only) and they also vary in thickness. In order to lie in their courses tightly together they must be tapered.

Metal Roofs Installation in Barrington - metal roofing offers significant advantages over traditional roofing materials. Barrington metal roof installations are extremely long lasting, durable, will save you money over the lifespan of your metal roof, and create comfortable conditions for your family.    

Flat Roof & Low Slope Roof Installations in Barrington - There are a few options to choose from: 
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR)
  • Modified Bitumen
  • PVC
  • EPDM – Rubber Membrane (short for ethylene propylene diene monomer)
  • Roll Roofing  

Slate Tile Roof Installation in Barrington - Slate is mined all over the world, and the process often involves very deep excavation and requires skilled workers to manufacture the final product, a roof slate tile. Roof slate tiles are available in 5 basic colors: black, red, gray, purple, and green. However, the most common are gray, blue-gray, black, shades of green, deep purple, brick red, and mottled (mixed) colors.   

Synthetic Roofing Tiles installation in Barrington - synthetic roofing tiles are manufactured using polymers or rubber blended with fillers. They often feature a fifty year manufacturer’s warranty, are generally fire, and also impact-resistant. 

Synthetic roofing tiles are easier to install when compared with alternative products made from natural materials. Because synthetic tiles are light-weight, they might be mounted on top of an existing roof without strengthening of its framework.     

We always perform free estimates for property owners, so you can call us and schedule an appointment, no strings attached.   Visit JB Roofing Barrington Facebook Page,  Follow us on Twitter or watch some of our video clips on YT

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